Short Bowel Champions 2013

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Empowering Patients to Live Fuller Lives

Welcome to the Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation!  An community resource for those who are living with or care for someone with Short Bowel Syndrome.

The Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation was founded in December of 2010, as a resource to help patients, family members and healthcare professionals learn about short bowel syndrome (SBS). You'll find explanations about causes, common symptoms and standard treatments. Learn the digestive system and the various surgical procedures commonly associated with SBS. Also, find multiple resources that may help you gain more control of both the condition and regain control of the quality of your or loved one’s life. Learn More.

Online Support Group Links:

Short Gut Syndrome Parents Support Group: On Facebook

Short Gut Syndrome Parents Support Group

Short Bowel Syndrome Foundation, Inc: On Facebook

Short Bowel Syndrome Adult Support Group

Short Bowel Support (NPS Website)

NPS Advantage


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